After graduation I had the oppertunity to get picked up by the Films department over at MediaMonks in the Netherlands! Currently I’m a few months in, working as a TD/Rigger. The focus of my work is mainly aimed towards rigging/scripting and pipeline, but also VFX. What’s really great about this, is they also want me to pick up on Houdini! So currently I’m working on learning a lot of RBD and SOP stuff in that lovely piece of software. In some ways, as I’m sure many will agree, Houdini offers quite the relief when you come from a Maya background. Have a look at their 2015 Films Reel !

In the future I’ll be posting more portfolio work as the stuff I’m working on gets published online. Aside from that I’m currently in the progress of setting up a page to dump all my previews, sketches and tests to document my progress. Over the last few years I learned quite a lot and it’s always fun to look back at that!