• exo_pipeline__0000_Layer 7
  • exo_pipeline__0001_Layer 6
  • exo_pipeline__0002_Layer 5
  • exo_pipeline__0003_Layer 3
  • exo_pipeline__0004_Layer 2
  • exo_pipeline__0005_Layer 1

During my internship and while learning Python, I started thinking about the way content is managed within a project. There usually is a LOT of room for mistakes when it comes to working with multiple users without a pipeline. So with all that I had learned during the years at the HKU I started working on a pipeline tool to use in my graduation project.

The result is my EXO pipeline.

Features include:

– File and folder management
– Incremental saving
– Reference based workflow
– Caching animation
– Shader relations

While the majority of the pipeline was very functional, the tool is still a work in progress. Having concluded my graduation project, I have gained many new insights from seeing my tool in action.